Monday, May 21, 2007

What is a Wentletrap?

What is a Wentletrap?

also called staircase shell , or ladder shell any marine snail of the family Epitoniidae (subclass Prosobranchia of the class Gastropoda), in which the turreted shell—consisting of whorls that form a high, conical spiral—has deeply ribbed sculpturing. Most species are white, less than 5 cm (2 inches) long, and exude a pink or purplish dye.

There are actually a lot of of types of wentletrap but I am fascinated with the Precious Wentletrap (Epitonium Scalare Scalare), they were very rare at one point in history that copies from China, made of rice paste abound. Even before China was known for good 'ol knock offs! Wentletrap originated from German-Dutch meaning spiral staircase. I just find the shell to be architecturally and aesthetically nice. Don't you?

I have been using the name wentletrap online as a substitute or a pen name, an alternative to my otherwise legit account. In some parts of cyberworld, wentletrap is quite famous. So if the name rings a bell.... yes thats me! In the course of this blog, I will eventually reveal who am I but as of now, lets keep my identity a secret....

I have wanted to write a blog for the longest time, inspired by those that i have been addicted to reading over the last few months. I still have no idea what to write but hopefully, experience and my daily existence would be my muse and of course the handy dandy thesaurus to make this thing even more interesting, and of course, to name drop every now and then...hahaha... =)

I lost my second post, which i wrote over the weekend when my connection got disconnected, blame it for living in a third world country... ill try to rewrite it once more... well enough blabbery, till next time....


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