Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy, busy, busy....

Hayyy... been busy since i got back from Naga... new work, new people, new friends... its fun... im just starting so maybe im still excited from the whole new field and such... =P anyways... ill be updating the blog soon... hmmm... there is actually this really cute super hunkylicious oh so yummy goodness guy in the office, but he is from a different department... awww shucks we just happened to be in the elevator together... whaaa... faints! hehehe...

thats all for now

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

CWC: Eye candy haven

CWC, or Camarines Sur Water Complex is the newest most place to be! and Wakeboarding is the in-nest sport right now! hahaha... this place rocks! man...if i was straight, i'll have the time of my life, the girls are just so damn pretty... but im sure no one here is or generally most are not interested in girls (wink wink)... so for you guys er gays out there... the guys are just drop dead kaching! HOTTTT... not only are the fit from the sport, most are generally foreigners and mixed breeds so they are definitely hotness personified...

It is located in the province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region! It is about 15 mins away from Naga City... about 7 hours by bus... an hour less by car... took me 5 hours when i drove, hehehe.. but im a nascar driver, hehehe =P ...or by plane 35 mins! heheeh...

I have been to this place several times and i know how to water ski, i still have yet to perfect my wakeboarding skills so i can show them off how manly i am hahha... I am straight acting i have to keep my cool all the time, but boy... i cant help but look sometimes want to know what sights to be found once you visit CWC?


btw when i went there it was already late (evening), the are open from 7am till 9pm but have an hour break in between for lunch and dinner. I took these pics from the CWC website but i have picked the best for your viewing pleasure =P

lets start with safe shots first: the teaser...

The men!!!

(too good to be true ano?!) and theres more!!!

filipinos, chinese, korean, japanese, scandinavian, hungarian, iberian, american! dang... they all have em here in all their beauteous magnificence! hayyy...

but theres more to do here than just wakeboard... check the other activities =)

men with big guns dont you just love it!

and more....

rappelling, hiking, spelunking, waterfalls! hayy... and more nice men!!!!! hahaha... and girls too =P hehhe... theres more to do here and more for your eyes to feast on!!! =)

hayy... actually i still have a lot of things to put... maybe ill do a second part for this one =P

note: the pics are taken from the CWC website =) thanks... =P

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend in CamSur

Leaving Manila last friday (jun 15) was crazy! ....i wouldve known better... it was start of the weekend at the same time it was payday! double trouble! yikes... left the condo around 9pm because the car arrived only an hour plus later than agreed (also got stuck in traffic!) oh well... twas all well and good... decided to just have dinner or at least grab something to eat at Ortigas, had use-to-be-yummy shawarma rice at Strata. Then off to Naga... but wait! we got stuck in super horrendous nay outwardly CRAZY traffic! two hours just to get out of SLEX! hayyy... left Ortigas around 1030pm by the time we got out of SLEX it was already 1230... hayyy!!!!

and the trip....

...driving from Manila to Naga took less than 6 hours! hahaha... normally trip takes about 7 or so hours... well... this was non stop and generally i was going 120kph hahaha... no mishaps and near accident situations thank god! Twas my first time to drive the south route... it was fun... i suggest for those wh
o plan to drive and visit Bicol, leave manila around midnite, travel will be a breeze sans the buses, town traffic and the life... but of course, you have to be alert and awake! =) dawn we were about 20 mins away fromNaga... (see the pic) ...then from Naga non-stop to Tigaon, a rural town where we stayed at a private bed and bath/resort. After breakfast, sleeping time! hehehe...from 9am till 4pm... woke up and after late lunch, drove back to Naga and went to CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex), wakeboarding haven! it was nice... got to do water skis again after a while.
.. i guess i still have the moves hehehe... the place is really nice, and definitely world class! It had a boardwalk, with restaurants and cabanas. There was a wedding in the pool area... so the place was a hive of activity... stayed there till 8pm

..after decided t
o check the nitelife of this quaint yet bustling city... Naga City is one of the oldest cities actually the second oldest city in the country... its rich culture and friendly people are definite treasures. Activity is mainly centered not in the old town but along a stretch called Magsaysay Avenue... several restos, cafes and clubs are to be found... good thing though, most of the hotspots are hotspots! (wifi-ed) ...of the utmost importance to a blogger like me... hehehe... well, didnt get to see a lot of eyecandies, prolly because Monday was a holiday in Naga (charter day) so most of the people were either out of town or somewhere... but it was fine... i got to meet some old acquaintances and friends.

...went back to the r
esort, around 1am. Checked the beach, last Sunday... no im red! not tan but in burned! hahaha... my back hurts like crazy! ...after the beach... did some photo ops at the resort then drove back to Naga to take pics and visit some churches (atoning for sins?!) ahaha... Naga has by far one of the largest concentration of old and gimongous churches! They are a site to behold, and it was a Sunday so taking pics while mass is going on is definitely a big no no! After the required, pic pics... had dinner at Wok, a nice nice Chinese restaurant before heading back to Manila...

...left Naga around 11pm... arrived in Manila at 4:30... the road was generally okay except for the stretch of Quirino highway! dang... i didnt know such roads existed! it was as if some dinosaur stepped on it... crazy! dangerous too!!! yikes... new officials! better do something about it... hayayayay....

well im back in Manila... and my back hurts like crazy! my thought for the day... sunbathing with no sunblock with a skin like mine is really stupid! hehehe =P

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Getaway!

Yesterday i slept early around 5pm woke up around 9... had dinner... then did some reports and worked on my bloggie... decided to turn in around 2+ am but wasnt able to sleep till around 5! wat the fork!!!! the time the alarm went off! it barely had enough sleep! hayayay... my interview today was schedules at 10. I got out of bed around 9! took a quick shower... fixed myself up... then by 930 i was out of the house.. took me longer today compared to my 15 min prep time yesterday.

But again... i was able to leave the condo around 10 already! traffic was moderate... arrived at the Makati Stock Exchange by 10:15...hay... whisked off to the 18th floor... and i waited... oh might i add... i look smashing in my garb! hahaha... i look so chic in my not-so-business-attire-but-oh-so-formal-still get up =) ...hehehe... but dang... like before they had me waiting! it was good that I was a tad late..unlike the girl ahead of me...who arrived 30 mins prior to myself! hahaha... her saliva must've dried out already... so much so that she had to take two tictacs before goin in... hehehe... i had a brief chat with her...of course she initiated the conversation.... i was pretty much occupied doodling in my oh so chic italian bound sketchbook... anyways... she use to work for a bank and well she just looks like another regular girl that you'll probably forget.... but then two feeling-metrosexual guys came in! hahah... well... i wasnt interested but it sure beats talking to the girl... although i didnt pay much attention to them... their shoes were already peeling! ...sayang naman ung topshop dress shirts that they were wearing... take note.. matching sila, hahah... plus...they just just just have to use the word "pare" in every statement! hahaha... hmmm.... read signs...

Anyways... when it was my turn... it was already 11! thats an hour after the designated interview time! dont you just love filipino time! hay! ...the guy Dennis (sales director), is obviously gay oh well... he was polite... hmm... i love love love being interviewed... but i wasnt really in the mood this time so i was pretty plain... im sure i didnt overwhelm him or something... anyways there... his office was swanky btw! heheh... i should get one of em corner units soon! then after 20 mins im off...

now... why is this entitled weekend getaway?

Well because on the way home... i thought...why not go out of Manila! yey!!!! so made some calls... then okay na! hehehe... im definitely going out of manila... mga 7 hours away!!! whoooo...

more things to blog...more pics to gawk... more memories to be shared... =P hehehe... there... =p

where am i going? hmmm... youll know soon... hint hint... check the pic!

ahahah... aint it the coolest!!!! hayy... last time i did it was january! dang... i prolly will have to fall flat on my face again a few times to perfect my stunt...hehehe =P

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

ALP take 2

Waking up today quite early after a heavy evening last nite... i was too lazy to get out of bed! i set the alarm at 7:15...but got out of bed around 8ish... interview is at 9! hahaha... rushed to get ready, didn't even bother to shave... i went down the condo, around 8:20 ( i can move fast if needed be ) but the thing is...took the guards forever to get me a cab! wahh... it was almost quarter to 9 when i decided to just call the taxi service... hayyy! arrived at the Makati Stock Exchange at 9:15...

Saw Martin (one of the supervisors) at the elevator foyer, small chitchat...and he told me he'll introduce me to his manager... gosh, i forgot her name! anyways... again, i was relayed to a secretary and they had me take an IQ test! hahaha.. dang, ive been taking IQ test for good knows how long! ...hahaha... i think i nailed it?! i think! hahaha =P

so after the silly exam... i had to wait, and the manager... interviewed several other peps. Then it was my turn... i think it went well... although, we talked about me designing her flat! hahaha... anyways... she seemed like a pretty and well bred lady not to mention nice and pleasing... if ever i get in, ill make her one of my bestest friends! hahha...

So i go back again tom! hayyy.. interview with the Director! from what i heard, he's gay... hahaha... good luck to me!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prince of Jaipur

...a regular Sunday evening at one of the nicest restaurants in the metro, dubbed as the "best Indian restaurant in the world," Prince of Jaipur at the Fort Strip at Fort Bonifacio. Nothing will prepare you for what awaits inside, the otherwise mundane facade with its bright colors is reminiscent of a Mexican restaurant but upon entering the double doors, into the foyer or bar area... glitz, glamour and opulence abound. The deep reds and rich jewel tones of the interiors are inspired by lavish palaces of Indian royalty. ...paintings of maharajahs and maharanis, bejeweled tapestries, bronze deities, vibrant rugs and other object d’art cover every inch of wall and ceiling space. The restaurant alone is a destination onto itself.

... they spared no expense, even the smallest of detail is well thought of... the chairs and table with its elephant tusks inspired legs and even the menus are all worth seeing. The wine selection is a sommelier's dream and the food simply out of this world!

...we started our meal with Lamb Samosa (lamb rolls), chicken curry (extra spicy of course) and roti. I wanted to try new dishes since the last time I went here everything was heavenly, we had tandoori, chicken masala, kebabs and for my companion, the fail safe shawarma! Like before, everything not only looked yummylicious but it tasted like heaven! Kudos to the chefs and servers for they do know what they are serving and can recommend food to go with what.... Try to be experimental and adventurous when visiting here, you can never go wrong with anything...

I am all praises for this food heaven. Its a bit pricey though but its all worth it. A good meal may set you back around P500 - P800 per person, for a different selection of dishes, but most of the servings are good to share. For winaholics, this place is heaven, everything from the latest vintage to the rarest of French reds may be had here... everything of course for a price... want to impress the estranged wife or boyfriend? ...try a bottle of 1937 Chateau Cheval-Blanc for a measly P129,600.00 + tax and service charge =P hehehe...

Overall, for the food, i give it 10 out of 10, the service 9, the staff are quite knowledgeable of the different dishes, including ingredients and origin at the same time they are courteous and well mannered. I guess it helps that the resto is almost always empty so they tend to hover around your table... in a good way of course... ambiance and surroundings, a whooping 10, the place transports you back to the time of opulence and extravagance of the Raj's even the restrooms are nice.

And this place transforms into a hip and happening club on certain days of the week, where the who's who of the clubbing scene may be found. (hiphop nites?! not really for the gay crowd... but of course, you'll find em here too... we have already penetrated society deeply =P)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

PGB Entry

It was only several months ago that im admiring the blogs featured on PGB, but now, my silly bloggie appears on it too =) again i would like to that, rocky for his wonderful review and for Miggs for including me on that list of exceptional blogs...

thanx guys

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Friday, June 8, 2007

White Orchids

Somehow im having fun narrating the sad events of my life... maybe its the weather... hayy... or the heat?! ...or maybe im just hungry as usual! hahaha...nonetheless heres another sad yet somewhat "whatdafk" story.... another one of my life's anecdotes ...i call this entry, White Orchids....

This just happened mid last year (2006), already familiar with the ins and outs of G4M.... and since my account is almost always online 24/7... its not unusual for me to get about 20 or so messages daily... but for the most part most of them are either just crap or slightly crappy or generally full of crap! Come on, please be courteous eno
ugh to show a face included in your message with your contact infos... isn't that annoying?

So was one of those regular evenings that i got a message from a new member, a faceless and empty profile... but luckily he caught me in my good mood so i ente
rtained his "his and hellos" ...but he knew the drill, he immediately attached a pic on his second message... but i wasn't impressed, he looked rather normal to me... but as the conversation progressed... i found out, he just lived nearby and an interior designer plus from a good family (i have to stress this all the time!=P) anyways... it became the norm for us to catch each other online around 10pm at nite and sometimes in the afternoons... we finally exchanged digits but again, i thought... he looked regular so i really wasn't keen on meeting him, i didnt even bother to check his details or what have other words, if i was to meet him, it would just be for one thing ... hehehe =P

A few days later, i just happened to be checking a client's condo unit near his condo so i thought why not give him a ring. It just so happen that he was also at a building site near the bay, i told him, i was in the area (near his condo) so maybe we can meet up or something... anyways... he told me that he was almost done, and he'll meet me at the lobby of his condo in an hour or so... i thought perfect since, i had to make some measurements at my client's unit.

...finishing up... i hurriedly, crossed the street (quite a long walk!) to his building... texted him that i was in the lobby already... he said he'll be down in a while... hmm.. 30 mins later... i was soo ready to leave ( i hate waiting!) when my phone rang... it was him, he
was outside... turns out... he just arrived... dang! he looked H.O.T! standing 5'9, fair skin, and a really good build! yummm!!! hehehe... after exchanging pleasantries and the usual "sorry im late converse," he invited me to go to the pool area so we can talk some more...

...i guess he was checkin me out... =P ahha... immediately... we talked about designs and work and all that jazz... then after maybe 30 or so mins, he invited me to go to his unit. Hmm... after, more chitterchatter... he even prepared ice cream for me complete with all the yummy additives! hehehe... anyways... i thought he looked fine... and so we did it... actually, faith intervened... he was suppose to leave for the Cosmo bash at WTC but his phone died down so he had to recharge... hmm...

what happened was... i was not really expecting anything to materialize but while he was recharging his phone... i looked over the window and whilst admiring the view of Marikina ridge, he put his arms around me... then next thing I knew clothes were flying everywhere! hahaha... and the rest is for you to imagine (wink wink)... so after that unplanned meeting... i thought he was particularly fine, either as a friend or otherwise... i showed him some pics fro
m my digicam... he commented on a picture of a white orchid....

...that evening we did exchange messages online and on the phone... few days later, on my morning run (i try to run/walk 5-8km daily)... i thought why not get him a bouquet of white orchids! hmm... it was a spur of the moment decision, so whilst on my jogging garb, i boarded the MRT to Farmer's market, it was already 6 in the morning! So by the time, i found freshest of orchids that i was looking for, it was already 7 and back at the train station, it was already packed so with my fragile cargo... i opted to just take
a cab... but finding a cab at 7 in the morning is like looking for a needle in a haystack... after several minutes walking around the Araneta Center... i finally found one! rushing back to his condo and already looking like a mess, the guard didn't let me in! argh!!! not to argue, i told him, i was to deliver some flowers to someone... he asked me where... oops! i forgot the room number and his last name! but i knew where his unit was! i know what floor but i forgot the exact number! yikesss!!! so immediately thinking on my toes...i said, its a surprise! hahaha... of course... in my american twang... i told him, its at unit 31XX... hahah... im not even sure... still the reception guy was hesitant to let me in... so he radio-ed another guard to check the unit i said... anyways... the guy on the other line asked who i was... then i said... its suppose to be a surprise! hahah... so after a few explainations eventually they allowed me up but with a security guy accompanying me! yikes... so already planning how i was to go about by it and expecting the unexpected...

...arriving at his floor... and with security behind me... i passed by my "guy's" unit... hahaha and at the end of the hall a lady was waiting, she was around 27, who looked like she just got out of bed and a look of "who the hell are you" written all over her face... so i walked towards her, with a sly smile on my face.. and upon seeing the bouquet i brought, she was like... "oh my god, no..." hahah... it was so funny, so i rushed to her and told her, that there was a i told her everything... and asked if i can stay and wait at her unit first, while the security goes away... she was kind enough to let me... actually, she thought, the guy she was dating, was asking her to marry him...hahaha... i told her, sorry for the trouble... =P geez... what a day! so immediately after the security left... i thanked her, actually my original plan was just to leave the bouquet of white orchids hanging on the door knob of W's (the guy) unit ...of course, things always go not as planned... this really was destined for the books or blog...=P feeling ive accomplished my task... i went back home and went back to bed... and expecting a message from W when i wake up... also included in the bouquet was a personal note, (why white orchids, aside from they are my fave flowers, its the only flower i give to those i like and i like receiving em too...eheheh, hint hint!!!)

the story doesnt end there btw... hahaha...

so after a few nites... i messaged him, fishing for infos..but there was none... not even a thank you! hmmm... i wonder what happened...

then after several days, i couldn't hold it any longer, i asked if he received the flowers...and he was like, "yes?! how did you know about it"... and im thinking... umm, hello! next message was... "gosh, was it from you?! oh my god! i said yes to someone because he told me it was from him!"!!!!! anyways...lets just say it didn't work out... all that effort for nothing...hahaha... well except for the ice cream and "dessert" hehehe... hmm... in the end, it still worked out for me... i guess =P hhehehe

(i just noticed, all the bad events of my life are sooo amusing to put in writing now, that i recall em all....) maybe i should write more about happy memories...hahaha (but that would be boring) ...what do you think? hehehe.... =P

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What They Really Mean =P

This is something I got from one of the online sites, which i think is somewhat true and oh so funny... its a good read! =P (i translated some of the words)


1. STRAIGHT ACTING = Alam na ng lahat na bading siya puwera siya! May goatee. Mahilig sa mga boys na pandak na mukhang callboy at gumagamit ng Aficionado perfume. (everybody knows he is gay except him! has a goatee. likes guys who are short and looks like callboys 'money boys' and uses Aficionado perfume)

2. GYM BODY = Does nothing the whole day but cruise inside the gym and the showers. Longest relationship was with a dumbbell.

3. BUFFED = Steroid-induced pecs and abs. Knows all sources of good protein. Favorite word: "Dude!" (Pronounced as “Dod”)

4. NO EFFEMS = Thinks that having a relationship with someone effeminate makes him a lesbian.

5. SEVEN-INCH DICK = Asus. In reality, 5 inches lang naman talaga. In gay inches kasi, you always add two more inches to everything you measure.

6. YM ME = Jealous type. Ayaw ng competition sa chatroom. (dont like competition in the chatrooms)

7. I'M NOT EASY TO GET = Desperate but trying to sound choosy.

8. I'M HERE FOR SEX = I'm here for sex.

9. HANDSOME GUYS ONLY = “I am a shallow dork and I have a brain the size of a walnut. Did I mention even my dog hates me?”

10. JUST HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS = Did not make any friends in Friendster. Was kicked out of Dogster because they found out he does not have a dog.

11. GOOD IN BED = Needs a place to crash in but cant afford a pension house. The things he does for a good night’s sleep.

12. WHAT'S YOUR PASSWORD? = “I'm so horny I want to jerk off now.” Cant afford a paysite kaya kuntento na sa mga x-rated pics ng members. (cant afford a paysite so he is contented with x-rated pics of members)

13. TOP = Has had more girlfriends than boyfriends.

14. BOTTOM = Has very bad knee injury, hindi makaluhod para kumadyot. (can't squat to fuck)

15. I'M NICE = Dull, boring and has the personality of an ironing board.

16. I'M BAD = Just swallowed a dozen viagra pills. Has a tattoo, nipple ring and wears an ukay-ukay leather jacket during summer. (ukay ukay= thrift second hand shop)

17. THIS GUY'S MAILBOX IS FULL = Hindi maka-check ng inbox kasi walang pambayad para sa internet café. (cant check inbox since he doesn't have money to go to a netcafe)

18. "WALA LANG" = Has a ten-word vocabulary which includes “cool”,“hi”,“wassup”, “he he”, “ha ha” and “tnx.” Longest word he can write is his name. (wala lang, is a local expression, wala means nothing)

19. I AM ATTACHED = Cannot mention the word love. Has commitment problems.

20. I LOVE TO TRAVEL = Looking for a sponsor for next overseas trip. Always starts a sentence with "When I was in Europe..." Then you ask: "Saan sa Europe?" He says: "Ah... sa city mismo!" Wow. Europe City. (saan sa europe = where in europe? ; ah... sa city mismo = oh.. at the city)

21. IF YOU'RE NOT CUTE, DONT EVEN BOTHER = Lonely and miserable. Nobody takes care of him when he gets sick. Has 500 “friends” in Friendster kasi approve lang nang approve kahit hindi nya kilala. (has 500 friends in friendster since he approves everybody even if he doesn't know them)

22. I AM SENSITIVE, LOVING, CARING AND HONEST = You are probably reading your mother's G4M account.

23. I GIVE GOOD MASSAGE/EXTRA SERVICE = A masseur who got suspended where he worked because he wears too much foundation.

24. MY MOBILE NUMBER IS = Tawagan mo ako kasi wala akong load. (call me because i dont have phone credits)

25. NO PIC, NO REPLY = Nabasa lang niya ito sa ibang profile kaya ginaya na rin niya. Ni hindi niya alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng PIC. Wanna bet? (he just read this line from other profiles so he copied it. He doesnt even know what Pic means. wanna bet?)

26. DISCREET = Loves to hang-out in extremely dark places. Haven't even seen any of the faces of all the men he's had sex with. One of the few people who gets excited during blackouts.

27. HAIRY DADDY = Lots of chest hair but for some strange reason - panot. (panot = bald)

28. CURIOUS STRAIGHT MALE = Can’t decide if he’s top or bottom.

29. A BODY PIC WITH NO HEAD = Hipon. Or Wanted by the NBI. Or against sa religion niya ang maging member sa G4M. Or puwede ring tabingi lang siyang kumuha ng picture. (shrimp. or wanted by the NBI. or its against his religion to be a member of G4m. or he just doesnt know how to take a picture)

30. KINKY = May collection ng large Liwanag candles na pang-undas. May bote ng petroleum jelly sa ilalim ng kama. Go figure. (has a large collection of Liwanag 'local candle manufacturer' candles. and has a big tub of petroleum jelly under his bed)

31. SWIMMER’S BOD = Used to be gym-bod. Nagkasakit kaya pumayat. (got sick so he's thin now)

32. FLAWLESS COMPLEXION = Photoshop beauty. Blurred. Dodged. Liquified.

33. VIRGIN PA AKO = Chances are virgin he is still one. Who in his right mind would be proud to be still a virgin?

34. VIEW MY WEBCAM = Frustrated Pinoy Big Brother contestant.

35. DON’T TEXT, CALL ME = Sira ang LCD ng 3210 niya kaya hindi niya mababasa ang text niyo! Tawagan niyo na lang, please lang. (his 3210 LCD is broken so he cant read sms messages! so call him, please)

36. I’M A SEX MACHINE = Disease carrier. Ouch!

38. QUIET AND SOFT-SPOKEN = Probably dead.

39. MACHO = Sinusundan ang Masculados sa lahat ng mall tours nila. Uses WD-40 as lubricant. (follows masculados 'local hunky boy band' in all their mall tours)

40. BLANK PROFILE = Has no clue who he is, what he wants and where his life is going. He could be included at the cast of LOST.

42. MESSAGE ME = What he really wanted to say in tagalog was: "Gusto kong magpamasahe sa iyo." Baka typo error lang.

43. HOMEBODY = Unemployed guy. A bum. Free-loader. Professional home-partner contestant in Eat Bulaga, Wowowee and Game Ka Na Ba.

44. OUT-GOING PERSONALITY = He's just saying this to bring attention to himself. But the truth is he is still HOMEBODY, the unemployed guy.

45. I DONT LIKE CASUAL SEX = Only has sex when in formal wear, like when he is in a Barong Tagalog, for example.

46. LOOKING FOR A SOULMATE = A former member of Spirit Questors. Enjoys supernatural relationships. Cant handle the stress of the physical world.

47. I AM NOT HANDSOME = Take his word for it. He's being honest for chrissakes!

48. I'M HANDSOME, INTELLIGENT, GORGEOUS = Perfect na sana tong taong ito -- ugali na lang ang problema. (he is already perfect -- unfortunately his character is the problem)

49. STUDENT = Has insatiable thirst for knowledge... and sex. But remember: pag may STUDENT, may TUITION FEE na kasunod. (but remember if there's a student, tuition fee comes next)

50. I AM MESTIZO = Contact lenses from Tutuban, skin peeling by Maxipeel, hair color by Tsin Tsan Tsu and rhinoplasty from Ellen's. Speaks a little chabakano.

51. SHY TYPE = No serious love since birth.

52. I’M SENSIBLE = Can carry a simple conversation for 2 minutes. Beyond that he simply moans.

53. I’M A MAN OF THE WORLD = He wants to make it clear to everyone that, YES, he is from this planet.

54. I’M A REAL PERSON = People have often mistaken him for an ornamental plant in the past.

55. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET = He has no plans of changing for the better. He is completely content with himself. Little motivation in life.

56. I’M NOT JUST INTERESTED IN SEX = Joined G4M as part of his research in molecular physics and Asian Religious Beliefs.

57. LOOKING FOR BADMINTON BUDDIES = In search for the perfect shuttle COCK. He wants to SCORE big. Naghahanap ng RACKET. And he really wants to SERVE.

58. BISEXUAL = A “top” with girls, a “bottom” with guys. And willing to pay for sex. Get it?

59. BOYTOY = It’s very clear that he wants everyone to know that he is young. And he has a toy. Now, Whether he is willing to share that toy is negotiable.

60. DOG-LOVER = A hot bitch who likes it dog-style. Loyal. Man’s best-friend. Pees everywhere. Doesn’t mind if you tie him up to a fence.

61. YOU THINK I’M HOT? = He’s not really sure if he IS hot. Needs a second opinion. And a third. The fourth will probably convince him… that he is NOT.

62. NATURE-LOVER = Very kind to nature… considering what nature has done to him.

63. MALIBOG AKO = Masturbates five times a day. Has 80GB of pornography in his PC. Has the complete collection of phone scandal videos. Watches National Geographic to see naked men hunting wild boar.

64. COWBOY = Has seen Brokeback Mountain too many times. He talks to his cigarette and says: “I wish I could quit you!”

65. I’M SIMPLE YET COMPLICATED = Uhm… this one really blows me. Probably manic depressive.

66. NO CROSS-DRESSERS = Doesn’t want to share his satin gowns.

67. DERETSO AKONG TAO = Has a very strong back. Drinks Anlene Gold regularly.

68. I DARE YOU TO SEE ME IN PERSON = Unfortunately, nobody dared.

69. COME AND GET ME = No one is sure if this is an invitation, a request or a cry for help.

70. TYPICAL GUY = He has two arms, two legs, a nose, a pair of eyes… uh, what else. Oh yes, a penis.

71. SELF-MADE MAN = He appeared into this world just by his sheer power of thought.

72. CANDY BOY = Wants to be licked allover. Comes in three flavors: BAGONG LIGO, PAWISAN and LUMUSOB SA BAHA.

73. I AM SENSITIVE = Can sense an earthquake even before it happens. He is now being studied by scientists to warn the human race of future tsunamis.

74. I HAVE A WONDERFUL MIND = His temporal lobe, anterior commissure and medulla will give you a hard-on. Oh, yes… he has a pornographic memory.

75. I AM THE LIFE OF THE PARTY = A Boyoyong party clown.

76. DECENT GUY = Wipes his feet before entering a massage parlor. Brushes his teeth after giving someone a blowjob. Says a little prayer before and after sex. Confesses regularly... on his knees.

77. OPEN-MINDED = His brain is everywhere except in his head. A perfect medium for séances.

78. COME OVER AND LET’S HAVE SEX = Thinks that Guys4Men is a delivery service.

79. HOPELESS ROMANTIC = Believes that love is eternal. Easily trusts everyone. Gullible. Sinampal na ng syota pero naniniwalang pinatay lang ang lamok lang sa pisngi niya. Thinks Erap is innocent. (...gullible. was his by his boyfriend yet he still believes the he only did it to kill the fly on his face. Thinks ERAP is innocent)

80. I AM FUNNY = That fact that he has to say that he is funny is hilarious.

81. PURE TOP = Has a ten-picture exclusive contract with a porno film outfit which prevents him from being a bottom. Will only become a bottom when the 'right' project comes.

82. EXTREME TOP FOR EXTREME BOTTOMS ONLY = Will only have passionate sex with an Extreme Magic Sing microphone shoved up their asses.

83. TRIPPER = Has a marijuana plantation in his backyard. Uses tie-dyed shirts, showers twice a month and responds to "Tsong." Does not a have a day job.

84. ASTIG 2 ASTIG LANG = A former seaman. Ideal places for sex: barracks, breakwater, inside a jail cell. Must have during sex: handcuffs, Purico cooking lard and a cd of Aegis.

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What Is It With CANADA!

This is the third installment of my journey to gaydom... remember my first, Mikey, who left for Canada... and my ideal man, Alex, who too left for Canada leaving me hanging... so now for my third installment, im talking about a Canadian, a real hottie "mountie"=P geez...maybe im Canadian jinxed or something...argg... but don't get me wrong, in between them i have been dating and meeting other guys but somehow they are all too pedestrian for me... so anyways... back to my story... several months after Alex, so this was maybe around the third quarter of 2005, i was comfortably settled in Makati and was quite active at the G4M site... amidst the regular and the not so regular guys at the site, i came across quite an attractive Caucasian male (and i rarely fall for Caucasian blokes!) after several exchanges of lines online... i was just playing it safe, although i was quite reluctant to meet him since i have encountered fakes at the site. And by god, he was too good to be true. According to him he works for the Canadian embassy! Of course, utilizing my contacts, i was getting inside infos about him and the like... long story short... it was one of t
hose regular nites that the unexpected happens. Coming home from a party, i decided to check the site and kill time before turning in. It just so happen that right around 3am, he logged on... and the usual chit chat happened... we got so comfortable to talking that the usual hi's and hello's is not the norm. Long story short... we decided to meet up for a lil something something... He stayed at one of the ritzy condos at Salcedo Village in Makati...

...lets just sidetrack a bit... allow me describe him, he is from the province of Saskatchewan, and works as a trade commissioner for the Canadian embassy, he was 26 when I met him, standing 5'7 with a toned body and piercing blue eyes. He is something that you would normally encounter at a fashion spread. Due to the nature of his work, he gets to travel a lot thereby he is more liberal and open to the views of the world. Did I mention, he is yumminess personified! ahaha... for those die hard g4m addicts with good memory (he has long deleted his account), he goes by the name shotgun. =)

back to my story... so agreeing to meet at his unit. I immediately rushed to pre
pare for the evening's activities... after half an hour and travel time... i arrived at the lobby of his building, being one of the top condos in the Philippines, yet i didn't have any problem getting i tend to blend in =P ...whisking up one of the high speed elevators i arrived at his floor... looking for unit XXB, i was surprised... to find two double doors! hmm... but i was to be surprised even more, as the evening progressed and did i say that it takes a lot to impress me...

...ringing his phone.. when he picked up, he sounded like he fell asleep already... i told him i was in front of his door... surprised that i bypassed security, he scurried up to o
pen the door. It was dark, the foyer's light were turned off... and he was there in his tight blue jeans and white shirt looking particularly handsome with the beautiful Makati skyline behind him... he offered me to come inside. of course, I obliged hehee...! his flat was huge, occupying half the building floor and its tastefully designed, i was impressed. We chatted for a bit, trying to get to know more about each other... then the inevitable happened, after say an hour and several glasses of water later...hahaha... i moved closer to him, and gave him a kiss... boy can he kiss... i can say it was one of my best kisses ever! hayy... lets just say the rest is leave it to your imagination =) ...we were at the kitchen when that happened...hahaha

...unfortunately, like a dream, which rarely occurs twice...there wasn't a second meeting anymore but living in a small world... we always bump into each other at clubs, events and parties... and the last time i saw him was during his farewell bash at one of the popular gay clubs in the metro. Hayy... again CAnada! ...and at the end of all this... JR is now stronger and his heart colder =0(

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First Review!!!

Wow... what a pleasant surprise checking my readers and other blogs then stumbling upon a review of my silly space in the web! heres a link to it )()()()()()()()(, it appears on Geekyguide, a guide to nearly everything, as the tagline goes... i guess im part of everything huh...heheeh... was definitely a good review, and im so proud of myself! maybe i should treat myself to a box of chocs! ...and im very thankful to all my avid readers (sounding like a thank you speech already!) hahaha... anyways... it was definitely a nice surprise to cap the nite off =P

...thanks rgsunico (his mybloglog name)...

anyways do check his personal blog: Beyond Dinobot Island

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Corner Joint

Who hasn't noticed the exponential growth of Ministops in the metro! I mean they are my street alone there are two and they are just a couple of blocks from each other! Dang... and they just opened another one at the commercial strip of my condo, which btw is the new fave hangout place of guys err gays and yayas! not to mention the entire neighborhood! but who's complaining... at least people wont have an excuse to say, oops i don't have rubbers etc (another story)...
anyways... last nite, i was sooo craving for some fruit to temper the umay feeling of Persian cuisine aka shawarma galore and spicy beryani from mister kebab, even after eating yummilicious lowfat blueberry cheesecake at morato.... so on the way home, we scouted for a fruit joint...and of course, there isnt one when you're looking for it! hayy... but then we eventually found one when when we were about to give up! I just thought i'd blog about it...since i took a pic of the stall using my phone camera and it turned out nice...

i just wish there are more fruit stands everywhere! or maybe ministop should sell em too! hahah...senseless blabber from me =)

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Monday, June 4, 2007

New Bombay

Time to critique some foodie joints... well, lately ive been to lazy to do anything so havent been posting much... anyways... tuesday last week, me and a friend decided to go check out this new joint at the Columns infront of RCBC. It was raining cats and dogs that evening... like with most of the metro, a lil downpour will create rivers out of highways! and for some strange reason, whenever it rains, cars seem to double (gremlins?!) yikes!!! ...resulting in mega horrendous traffic! anyways you can see what were have to brave to, to get our fill!

Originally our plan was just to get some MSG ridden chinois foodie...but by the time we crossed the Makati bridge, it was already 10 and geez most of the restos were packed! Driving around, we ended up at this deserted place at the foot of COlumns tower 1 at the intersection of Ayala and Buendia Ave. It was okay... although i should say im not overly satisfied with what we ordered but for the price i guess its okay... =P

The place is New Bombay: Authentic Indian Cuisine... the place was deserted as it was already 10+ pm and according to one of the servers, they close at 1130! we ordered our fare, Lamb Beryani, Chicken Curry and Roti. I already ate before leaving the house, as my buddy got stuck in traffic before and that god i did, otherwise i wouldve wilted, curled and died from hunger! Food took forever to prepare considering we were the only ones there... but kudos to the interior, (i have to say something nice too =P)... the restroom, umm... lets not talk about it! But i likey the chairs and tables! at least they spent on it although they couldve at least invested on fresh flowers (asthers even!), dont you think cheap silk flowers from China are so sooo depressing!

Food was so so... maybe ive tasted better...but it was generally okay... hmm... i don't want to blabber further so... all in all, i wasn't satisfied... but you can always try it right! Overall, i give it 7.5 out of 10 for the ambiance, its generally tasteful but they can do more... i love love love the furniture though...(tacky but i like it), for the food.. well around 6 and the price is very manageable. The service?! well they started out nice i would've given them a 7, but they actually told us that we should leave and finish up already since they close at 1130! wtf... you just don't do that to a customer right?! so i give them a 1 for trying... hmmm...and the restroom, well... lets just say... thanks for trying =) can check it out for yourself...maybe, the rain has dampened their service...

p.s. thats my sexy back! hahaha =P

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Friday, June 1, 2007


Yikes... on my second week, ive been tagged by Mink... although i had to ask the tagger what being tagged is all about, hahaha... anyways it works like this...

“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!”

So im suppose to write 6 weird things about me...hmmm where do i start...

yikes... i thought this would be easy hmmm... (after 30 mins)

6. lately, i have been
going commando, au naturelle... hahaha... theres nothing l
ike freedom down there...hahaha... it actually started around early summer, too hot... had to do quick errands, needed quick change so there... im actually liking it...hehee... i go out meet clients wearing dress pants without anything underneath, hehehe...hmm... all day yesterday, see previous post, i was walking around MOA, Greenbelt and Bonifacio HighStreet with no undies on... hahaha... just try not to look at super hunkalicious dudies or else... major tenting which equals to mega ouchie will happen! =P ...easy access? hahah...more of that soon...

5. dang... i just remembered... i have this thing of being
trapped in restrooms! ...maybe something happened one summer morning, that i've been jinxed in restrooms! hahha... first time it happened was at the Max in San Pablo, Laguna way back before i left for the US so make that 10 or so years ago... after a hearty lunch, i told my dad that i just needed
to go to the restroom, let me describe how the layout of the place is... that Max is huge! its like a hotel! with a reception, a lobby and all... and their restroom is another story, its huge! its like another function room onto itself, and the cubicles have full length doors, like a regular room. So anyways heres what happened... i went to the restroom, the water closet (toilet) to pee! i went in the lil room, and closed the door, so after a minute, i was done... so i turned the lock horizontally... and the door wont budge!

wtf!!! ...i turned it again, but it wont open... finally after a few minutes, i hear the door open... i mustered enough courage and swallowed my pride, i said... "
stuck inside..." next thing i knew... i hear him hurrying out the door! hahaha (may he thought it was a ghost!) yikes... so again, in vain, i tried unlocking the door... but after maybe 30 mins! i figured...why not turn the lock vertically... shucks... it opened! wahhh... i hurried out...and everybody was looking at me! when i went out of the restroom, down the dining hall, down the hall to the lobby and out the door! =(

okay... so fast forward to may around 2002 or 2003 in Fidel, in Malate... that chic fusion Moroccan resto... i was there with a girl, who was once arranged for me to marry...hahaha (yes the practice still is in existence) ...but were good friends now (more of her soon)... we were havin dinner... and i said, i needed to use the restroom... again i was gonna take a leak! i bolted the door... btw... the restroom was really nice! it was all mirrored and in lit with halogen pinlights (nice but generates heat in such a cramped space) ...stupidly i left my phone upstairs! after washing my hands... i tried unbolting the door but wtf!!! it was stuck... yikes... again, i didnt want to cause a scene so i tried to pry it but it was still stuck =( dang eventually after maybe 30 mins... i was already sweating like a pig! cooked up in that space... i realized i had my car keys all along... so i picked the bolt...and it slid... hayyy... of course, agian everybody was looking at me funny =( ...Atty. Legarda was there too! and i had to mega explain everything to my "date" yikes... told her about the incident at Max, and she was like... oh come on... its okay... its normal! wahh... we just laugh about it!!!

4. i love, love, love, love...lurve..... FURRRRR something about the texture and feel of fur... drive me crazy... heheh... i love it on my skin... sable, deer, fox, mink... and all other yummy goodness furrr.... (PETA im sorry...) i just love love love it! ...i know, whats the use of it here in our gosh greenhouse country... if theres a will theres a way...hahaha... when i do my drawings and sketches, i have a deer pelt under the table and i run my feet over em...whilst drawing... ahhh...pure ecstasy =)

3. super high tolerance for alcohol... but im not an alcoholic dont get me wrong... hehehe... but this one is funny, since sometimes... people want to get me drunk so they would buy me drinks... its futile! if i don't like em, i just let em buy me drinks till their wallets dry out...hahah... then when i see them all wobbly, i would say... okay, my turn to buy th
e drinks...heheeh... but if i like the person, first drink...i pretend to be down already...hahaha =P whooooo... i miss bora! ...actually there is a secret, an antidote for getting drunk...hehehe

2. i adore royalty...the pomp and pageantry of it all... Asian, European...American? even filipino royalty... i just love it to bits! its funny... i always thought i descended from royalty...or maybe i did? hmmm... last emperor of China perhaps? or maybe the Spanish dauphin? hahah... well we can all dream... =) but i dont think im alone in this fascination, royalty hahaha...sounds sooo gay to me! tell tale signs anyone? ...did i mention i had an entire garb made complete with a cape and all the accoutrements of royalty?! hahaha... now that is weird!

1. and for the finale.... i guess being me is weird already! the weirdest of em all.... but its all fine and dandy... being weird means being unique and special. hahaha... (wala na ako maisip e) suppose to tag 6 guys: dang...i havent really exchanged links with a lot of guys yet but here goes...

1. misterhubs (my mentor) =P
2. ayan
3. gerard
4. thad
5. a gay boi's life
6. joy

...hmm... who wouldve thought i would enjoy writing this entry...haaha... and i did find some quirks in me... we all do... guys try it =) ill be looking forward to yours...

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