Monday, May 21, 2007

Helpless is Attractive!

(the original entry was accidentally deleted over the weekend)

Helpless is Attractive! I would have thought otherwise, but i think being helpless is attractive or maybe that depends on who is asking for help....Would you pick an hobo off the side of the road? I wouldn't ! but if a drop dead god of a person needs help i would lay down my cape anytime!

Last Wednesday I got a message from my mom saying my sis will be coming over bringing with her lotsa meatie for me! I was so excited with the fact that ill be eating steaks galore again!!! but then next message was, defrost the fridge... Im like... wtf! how do you defrost a fridge?! At the same time i was online, so i decided to change my status to... "help me, how to defrost a fridge..."

Much to my surprise, i got all sorts of messages from the mundane, turn the defrost switch (i didnt know there was such a thing) to a complete how to's with instructions down to the last detail.... I have been living alone all this time but i havent defrosted a fridge, ever! Somehow, someone gets to defrost it for me, usually my sister, or the maid, or the staff... Anywho...i left the condo without defrosting the fridge and decided to meet up with a friend in the outskirts of the metro. I'd rather have a fun day out that mess with the fridge and have water and mess everywhere! When i got back that evening, i had tons of messages! i mean a lot!!! even from those that i havent heard from in ages, that im dying to hear from...hehehe....

So that got me thinking.... Is Being Helpless Attractive? my course of living, i always tend to get the upper hand of the situation, i always like to be in control. In meeting people, i tend to foot the bill so i hold them by the neck, hahaha (maybe thats too much of a statement) but you get my drift, right? Never was i the helpless one, even if i am, i dont show it, for me , being helpless is a sign of weakness, never ask for help thats what i always say.... But recently, i realized its not really bad to receive help from people, it makes you feel good knowing people are there to help you out. I got by living off foodies from friends at one point, as pathetic as it sounds and unbelievable at that coming from me, but its fun to be helpless at times. Its very humbling and you learn a lot. Well, I dont want this to sound like a litany of sorts from an oldie so im cutting this short.

....i know, i know... i still have to perfect my style of writing, im actually still getting use to it, putting my thoughts down for everybody to see, so im trying to save some infos just for me...maybe in the next few days... or posts... it'll flow thru me like a newly dug spring....


my sis was mad as hell when she arrived the following morning because the fridge hasnt been defrosted and she brought with her, lots of meatie!!!! hahaha.... she ended up doing it herself... and i got by without having to defrost my fridgie... =) helpless???? nahdonthinkso....

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