Monday, May 28, 2007

G4M Guess Who? #002

Was thinking of a post to write today, and i guess, since this guy messaged me after eons of silence (due to the fact that i blocked him already)... i actually forgotten all about him but then i guess, faith, leads him to me, so i am inspired to write this entry... G4M Guess Who Number 2!

Where do i start... well, i just checked his profile now and he already changed it from the time i last viewed it, its quite long now and very literary might i add! =) Again, it was a slow afternoon for wentle then all of a sudden i got a message from a stranger saying... "hey you still remember me?" perplexed i responded, maybe if you show me your pic i might remember... he actually beat-ed and let me reiterate BEAT-TED around the bush! saying...that we met a year ago, blah blah blah...and it was raining and i was a bitch! hahaha... whambam... epiphany!!! of course, how can i forget him!

Hmmm... *rewind a year or so ago (cue musical bells fading) * actually i wasn't really planning on meeting him but i was cooked up at home for quite some time, so i decided or felt like going out... it was again early evening that i decided to meet him up, after several persuasions. I should have trusted my instincts....

...but before that, let me describe him... oh, wait, no i don't want to do that just yet, let me tell you something about him first... he tells me, actually, he prides himself for being able to speak a multitude of languages! not bad huh... and that he comes from a rather well-off family daw (do i have to know that?), he is 5'6 and a moreno, umm dark moreno? =P hmm...he actually looks okay naman in his pics... (one of em, before, shows him harrassing one of his poor pillows) =P heheeh back to that fateful weekday, we agreed to meet at around dinner time, i told him, i can meet him up, but i was actually meeting other people. Of course, i told him that (im not a meanie!)... he said its fine... he'll just have his driver drop him off at Glorietta... then it started to pour! it was raining cats and dogs... hell traffic... he got there ahead of me... and of course, was texting me a barrage of "...where you na!" ...upon arriving at Glorietta, i called him, and he was giving me directions but somehow i couldnt find him! hayy... one of those... im here (but where's here?!?) scenario.... eventually i scooped him out, out of the bagillions of people seeking shelter at the mall from the downpour outside... of course, being the civil guy that i am... and because of the effort he and i put for this meeting, i was nice but safe... didnt want to raise any expectations whatsoever or anything for that matter... but of course, i was being bitchy and a meanie again...hahah... long story short, i had to ditch him... we said our goodbyes and of course i got the ever famous message... "lets be friends..." afterwards...

now what happened here? it wasn't his fault this time...i guess it was mine... there was a time that i was meeting people just because i want to meet people. I didn't make any effort to scrutinize them thoroughly... Im not saying im perfect, but of course i have my wants and needs, after all im just human and gay at that....!

*back to the present* Our conversation earlier, went something like... why dont you like me... was i fat and ugly? How am i suppose to answer that?! Im not that bad to tell someone he is fat and ugly! that is just plain rude... so i told him, lets not talk about it... i even gave him my blog address... (if youre reading this...sorry =P ) but he actually insisted... so i just told him bluntly... im not interested with you... *pause* ...its not that you're fat and/or ugly, you are just not my type (i really didnt want to hurt his feelings) ...then he said... okay something something... im not sure if the lets be friends line came out again? hmmm... (im just recalling the flow of conversation earlier, baka may errors or something but you guys get the idea right? =P)

...i'd like to meet a person who can keep up with me. has both the mental and the pysical attributes to interest me" --a direct quote from him --

so who is this you wonder? hmmm.... he goes by the name of, in Chinese it means, " melt/to do away with/to sell" or the character sounds like "...small 1"

side comment---
i'd rather go with the former definition, hehehe... why would you call yourself "small 1" hahaha... unless... =P hehehe.... have fun guys!


southdude said...

oh. this im stumped. im not chinese! lolz!

Wentle said...

haahha... research a bit.. hahaha =P