Monday, May 21, 2007

Upcoming Threads

Things to look out for.... hahaha:

  • G4M Guess Who : my thoughts, experiences and the like with g4m members that i've met, i'll give clues... you figure out who... sounds exciting huh?!
  • Food Haunts : I love to eat! Secret places to go to with yum yum yummy foods and to die for surroundings, its a feast for the senses here... *wipes drool off face*
  • Travel : lots of places to visit, near, far... ill tell you more... secrets, tips and stuff...
  • and a whole lot more...


theTripper said...

ei. im the sixth person to visit ur blog. hope u'll get ur tenth b4 the night ends.;)

hmmm... about the g4m guess who. just be careful u'll not offend anyone. some people really like to preserve their anonymity.

so i now know what a wentletrap is. a very beautiful shell indeed.

good luck wentletrap.

Wentle said...

hahaha... yeah i know... i dont want to offend anybody... but hey.. maybe that will do good for the site...hahaha... cause some raucous over the net!!! hehehe... will be a guessing game, i will sure make it hard for people to guess who it is... after all... my experience might differ from others...right? =)

theTripper said...

yeah. maybe that would make ur site a little different. this would be the site of intrigues. anyway, as the saying goes... "bato bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magalit. and pikon talo" hehehe


Wentle said...

heeheh... yeah... more intrigue more fun right... hahaha... hopefully i dont get run over while crossing the street, or get accidentally shot in a club! hahaha =P i guess, a bullet proof vest would be part of my fashion get up... =P

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