Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interview with ALP

...after holding the interview off for a week, i decided to finally go in for the interview with Ayala Land, Premiere! of course, i want the top of the line, only the very best for mois....

Gosh they had me wait for almost an hour! geez... and their office is plain and ugly! not so premierish as i'd hope... anyways, after an hour the gentleman (gosh i forgot his name), very Castillan looking dude around 35 or so, arrived... the usual compliments and voila, interview portion.

I just love being interviewed, it gives me a chance to play with people's minds, maybe they're thinking they are scrutinizing me but usually its the other way around.... first question: with your degree in architecture, why go to sales? ...well, i have a few years to spare so why not dabble into it, at the same time it is still in a way related to my course, architecture and design, only that im selling the project!

....of course after all the necessary intros and stuff... he asks me if what else i wanted to know... off the bat, "is there a uniform?" ...( i have this thing about uniforms, i just cant imagine myself in one, worse comes to worst, ill have it tailored and altered...haahah), well... he also tells me, i might man the booths and do open houses! maybe give flyers! ....at the back of my head... i dont think i can do it!!!! swallow my pride, hahaha.... but well see... all in a days work... maybe i'll give it a try... they'll give me a ring by the end of the month.... I still have a lot of options.... heeheh

...." i still cant imagine myself handing out flyers!!!" ewww.... but hey he said, they are the ones who makes the big bucks! hahha... all in a days work i guess.... *boom* back to reality... maybe it will be deja vu... or just another day in the life of Wentle....

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