Saturday, May 26, 2007

Take A Hint

Some just can't take a hint... whats up with that! Im sure a lot of you can relate to this... although this is a fairly sensitive topic might hit you right where it hurts (hehehe) but just writing whats on my mind.... referring to when you turn down somebody online... usually happens on chatrooms and the like. Here's a typical example:

chatter x : hey i like you, yadda yadda yadda

me : sorry bud not what i go for

chatter x : lets be friends?

Sounds familiar? Usually, what they mean by i like you, is that they want to "bed" you! And, since im not interested, second try... lets be friends? hahaha...where did that come from?!

On a lighter note, maybe they really are friendly. =)

Btw, not to deter future friends... but, im sure, you don't introduce yourself to someone offering sex then if turned down friendship, right? Although, friendship after sex is quite possible...hehehe =P brain is not quite working yet, i need some nutrients...gonna grab some brunchie... more posts in a while...

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