Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend in CamSur

Leaving Manila last friday (jun 15) was crazy! ....i wouldve known better... it was start of the weekend at the same time it was payday! double trouble! yikes... left the condo around 9pm because the car arrived only an hour plus later than agreed (also got stuck in traffic!) oh well... twas all well and good... decided to just have dinner or at least grab something to eat at Ortigas, had use-to-be-yummy shawarma rice at Strata. Then off to Naga... but wait! we got stuck in super horrendous nay outwardly CRAZY traffic! two hours just to get out of SLEX! hayyy... left Ortigas around 1030pm by the time we got out of SLEX it was already 1230... hayyy!!!!

and the trip....

...driving from Manila to Naga took less than 6 hours! hahaha... normally trip takes about 7 or so hours... well... this was non stop and generally i was going 120kph hahaha... no mishaps and near accident situations thank god! Twas my first time to drive the south route... it was fun... i suggest for those wh
o plan to drive and visit Bicol, leave manila around midnite, travel will be a breeze sans the buses, town traffic and the life... but of course, you have to be alert and awake! =) dawn we were about 20 mins away fromNaga... (see the pic) ...then from Naga non-stop to Tigaon, a rural town where we stayed at a private bed and bath/resort. After breakfast, sleeping time! hehehe...from 9am till 4pm... woke up and after late lunch, drove back to Naga and went to CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex), wakeboarding haven! it was nice... got to do water skis again after a while.
.. i guess i still have the moves hehehe... the place is really nice, and definitely world class! It had a boardwalk, with restaurants and cabanas. There was a wedding in the pool area... so the place was a hive of activity... stayed there till 8pm

..after decided t
o check the nitelife of this quaint yet bustling city... Naga City is one of the oldest cities actually the second oldest city in the country... its rich culture and friendly people are definite treasures. Activity is mainly centered not in the old town but along a stretch called Magsaysay Avenue... several restos, cafes and clubs are to be found... good thing though, most of the hotspots are hotspots! (wifi-ed) ...of the utmost importance to a blogger like me... hehehe... well, didnt get to see a lot of eyecandies, prolly because Monday was a holiday in Naga (charter day) so most of the people were either out of town or somewhere... but it was fine... i got to meet some old acquaintances and friends.

...went back to the r
esort, around 1am. Checked the beach, last Sunday... no im red! not tan but in burned! hahaha... my back hurts like crazy! ...after the beach... did some photo ops at the resort then drove back to Naga to take pics and visit some churches (atoning for sins?!) ahaha... Naga has by far one of the largest concentration of old and gimongous churches! They are a site to behold, and it was a Sunday so taking pics while mass is going on is definitely a big no no! After the required, pic pics... had dinner at Wok, a nice nice Chinese restaurant before heading back to Manila...

...left Naga around 11pm... arrived in Manila at 4:30... the road was generally okay except for the stretch of Quirino highway! dang... i didnt know such roads existed! it was as if some dinosaur stepped on it... crazy! dangerous too!!! yikes... new officials! better do something about it... hayayayay....

well im back in Manila... and my back hurts like crazy! my thought for the day... sunbathing with no sunblock with a skin like mine is really stupid! hehehe =P

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Anonymous said...

I come from Tigaon and thank you for visiting our small town.Just wondering why of all places you drive down there instead of staying somewhere?

Hope you keep on visiting our place and would love to be with u (he he he, joke lang) the next time you visit us...