Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What Is It With CANADA!

This is the third installment of my journey to gaydom... remember my first, Mikey, who left for Canada... and my ideal man, Alex, who too left for Canada leaving me hanging... so now for my third installment, im talking about a Canadian, a real hottie "mountie"=P geez...maybe im Canadian jinxed or something...argg... but don't get me wrong, in between them i have been dating and meeting other guys but somehow they are all too pedestrian for me... so anyways... back to my story... several months after Alex, so this was maybe around the third quarter of 2005, i was comfortably settled in Makati and was quite active at the G4M site... amidst the regular and the not so regular guys at the site, i came across quite an attractive Caucasian male (and i rarely fall for Caucasian blokes!) after several exchanges of lines online... i was just playing it safe, although i was quite reluctant to meet him since i have encountered fakes at the site. And by god, he was too good to be true. According to him he works for the Canadian embassy! Of course, utilizing my contacts, i was getting inside infos about him and the like... long story short... it was one of t
hose regular nites that the unexpected happens. Coming home from a party, i decided to check the site and kill time before turning in. It just so happen that right around 3am, he logged on... and the usual chit chat happened... we got so comfortable to talking that the usual hi's and hello's is not the norm. Long story short... we decided to meet up for a lil something something... He stayed at one of the ritzy condos at Salcedo Village in Makati...

...lets just sidetrack a bit... allow me describe him, he is from the province of Saskatchewan, and works as a trade commissioner for the Canadian embassy, he was 26 when I met him, standing 5'7 with a toned body and piercing blue eyes. He is something that you would normally encounter at a fashion spread. Due to the nature of his work, he gets to travel a lot thereby he is more liberal and open to the views of the world. Did I mention, he is yumminess personified! ahaha... for those die hard g4m addicts with good memory (he has long deleted his account), he goes by the name shotgun. =)

back to my story... so agreeing to meet at his unit. I immediately rushed to pre
pare for the evening's activities... after half an hour and travel time... i arrived at the lobby of his building, being one of the top condos in the Philippines, yet i didn't have any problem getting i tend to blend in =P ...whisking up one of the high speed elevators i arrived at his floor... looking for unit XXB, i was surprised... to find two double doors! hmm... but i was to be surprised even more, as the evening progressed and did i say that it takes a lot to impress me...

...ringing his phone.. when he picked up, he sounded like he fell asleep already... i told him i was in front of his door... surprised that i bypassed security, he scurried up to o
pen the door. It was dark, the foyer's light were turned off... and he was there in his tight blue jeans and white shirt looking particularly handsome with the beautiful Makati skyline behind him... he offered me to come inside. of course, I obliged hehee...! his flat was huge, occupying half the building floor and its tastefully designed, i was impressed. We chatted for a bit, trying to get to know more about each other... then the inevitable happened, after say an hour and several glasses of water later...hahaha... i moved closer to him, and gave him a kiss... boy can he kiss... i can say it was one of my best kisses ever! hayy... lets just say the rest is leave it to your imagination =) ...we were at the kitchen when that happened...hahaha

...unfortunately, like a dream, which rarely occurs twice...there wasn't a second meeting anymore but living in a small world... we always bump into each other at clubs, events and parties... and the last time i saw him was during his farewell bash at one of the popular gay clubs in the metro. Hayy... again CAnada! ...and at the end of all this... JR is now stronger and his heart colder =0(

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