Thursday, June 14, 2007

ALP take 2

Waking up today quite early after a heavy evening last nite... i was too lazy to get out of bed! i set the alarm at 7:15...but got out of bed around 8ish... interview is at 9! hahaha... rushed to get ready, didn't even bother to shave... i went down the condo, around 8:20 ( i can move fast if needed be ) but the thing is...took the guards forever to get me a cab! wahh... it was almost quarter to 9 when i decided to just call the taxi service... hayyy! arrived at the Makati Stock Exchange at 9:15...

Saw Martin (one of the supervisors) at the elevator foyer, small chitchat...and he told me he'll introduce me to his manager... gosh, i forgot her name! anyways... again, i was relayed to a secretary and they had me take an IQ test! hahaha.. dang, ive been taking IQ test for good knows how long! ...hahaha... i think i nailed it?! i think! hahaha =P

so after the silly exam... i had to wait, and the manager... interviewed several other peps. Then it was my turn... i think it went well... although, we talked about me designing her flat! hahaha... anyways... she seemed like a pretty and well bred lady not to mention nice and pleasing... if ever i get in, ill make her one of my bestest friends! hahha...

So i go back again tom! hayyy.. interview with the Director! from what i heard, he's gay... hahaha... good luck to me!

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