Wednesday, June 6, 2007

First Review!!!

Wow... what a pleasant surprise checking my readers and other blogs then stumbling upon a review of my silly space in the web! heres a link to it )()()()()()()()(, it appears on Geekyguide, a guide to nearly everything, as the tagline goes... i guess im part of everything huh...heheeh... was definitely a good review, and im so proud of myself! maybe i should treat myself to a box of chocs! ...and im very thankful to all my avid readers (sounding like a thank you speech already!) hahaha... anyways... it was definitely a nice surprise to cap the nite off =P

...thanks rgsunico (his mybloglog name)...

anyways do check his personal blog: Beyond Dinobot Island


rOckY said...

I'm glad you liked the review - credit goes to you since you've put up a pretty interesting blog.

Keep an eye on Pinoy Gay Blogs since the reviews I write are the same ones that get posted there.

My thanks for advertising my blogs as well, hehe. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

dude sikat ka na. di ka na ma-reach.

Wentle said... still overwhelmed... =P thanks guys

Phoenix said...

Congrats! ; ) Architect ka pala hehe reminds me of doing neverending plates.. hope work is going well = )


Naks! High profile na si Wentle. :)

Wentle said...

hahah...malayo pa ang ilalakbay ko! hahaha... see thats deep tagalog misterhubs...heheh =P

i have yet to create a following... but yes im so overwhelmed at such a short time, someone has created a good review about my silly musings. =)